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March 25, 2012



I love that your stove is not closed in by the cabinetry. Makes cleaning the sides so easy. I have a Blue Star and I LOVE THAT STOVE. I wanted a painted stove but we got a deal on a floor model in stainless steel. Nice hood.

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Where you live should be comfortable enough. Not really that luxurious but at least it can provide the basic functional elements of a home in terms of use and comfort. Remodelling the kitchen is also great so you can make it more functional according to your needs.

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I didn't know that Google Sketches existed. Looks like a really cool tool for planning cabinet, kitchen, or general remodels.

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Seems like a really great tool for planning projects and executing them. Think it might be good for planning something like a concrete slab in the backyard.

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I didn't know that this program exist. Thanks for your post! I'm thinking that I will/can use this in planning that is related to building something... ;-)


good post, it´s worth it to read and i believe you have brought up several factor to keep in mind while using the kitchen cabinets

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