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March 20, 2012



The kitchen looks gorgeous! We are expecting our first baby on April 2nd. Race ya to the finish line!

Blaze Bratcher

It looks beautiful! Great work! I would love to know what questions you ask yourself, or rules you follow to keep your style consistent. And how you found your personal style. (It is easy for me to lose focus when there are many options to choose from!) This can apply to your artwork as well as interior design. Thank you! :)

Bethany Hissong

I've never commented before but I've always been in awe of your sense of design and color (since your MSL days!). This is just beautiful and as I try to decide on our own kitchen reno, it's nice to see things other than granite and tile. I'm from Ohio originally and now I want to go back out West and see what I can find! ;)

birdie blue

love it all, from the soapstone counters, the sink, and that killer blue stove. it's brilliant.



Laura! it looks fantastic! that's the sexiest oven I've EVER seen.


great renovation- love that stove! and thanks for the tip on google sketch up- we're in the middle of renovating our house and i'm hoping this will be a good visualization tool.

sharon from farm and fru fru

love it! and just in time huh?! hold off till the 2nd...it's a great day for a birthday (my oldest's!)

Fleur Cotton

Super Kitchen renovation, you must be so pleased and relieved it's all over ... good luck for April's new arrival!

Fleur xx

Love To Crochet

No renovation is simple...But your outcome is fantastic. Looks very inviting and a super "calming" feeling. Colors just compliment. each other. Very nice


Would love to know where the rug us from? A wonderful kitchen, looks lovely.

brooke reynolds

So pretty Laura! I'm loving the soapstone and the open shelf above the fridge. Congrats on #2!!


your kitchen is beautiful! calm, clean lines with modern and traditional elements working perfectly together. I love watching this blog to see what you create!


The rug is from Ikea but ages ago. I haven't seen them there for awhile. It's nice because it's made from some kind of straw material so it's easy to wipe clean.


Your new kitchen is lovely! As a Portlander, gotta love the Schoolhouse Electric and Rejuvenation pieces!

joni s

love all the blues with the grey.


Really a wonderful space! Love the color choices and appliances. It's got to be a good feeling completing a major project. I'm inspired!


So, so nice and timeless, I could see this working in our 70's house. Filing this as inspiration for in five years time when we perhaps will be able to renovate... In the meantime I am really inspired by the blue floor as we are slowly getting marmoleum in all our rooms, covering the ugly plastic from the 70's. We have kept to grey so far, but I am conemplating silvery blue for next room. Marmoleum is quite an environmently friendly alternative too.

Kent Builders

Your kitchen remodel really made a big difference to the space, it more open and functional plus the splash of color is great. Good job!


That looks like a perfect baby bath sink. I love it.


Fantastic job -- I've got light gray painted cabinets waiting to be installed in our kitchen -- would you mind sharing the paint color on your walls? Love how it warms up the room.


where are the ceiling tiles from?


It's a beautiful kitchen. We are also in the middle of planning on a kitchen renovation of a weirdly shaped room, and I was wondering if you were willing to share your kitchen dimensions.
Thank you!

kitchen cabinet refacing

I always loved that style ceiling in kitchens. White kitchens make the space look more spacious and airy. One question though, how much did it cost to transport your Hooiser cabinet. I always see great pieces online but I am afraid of the costs of transporting it and how the process actually works.

Kip Whitehead

There are four words that best define your kitchen: ABSOLUTELY NEAT AND ORGANIZED! Yeah, I have to include “absolutely”, since your kitchen really is a winner. I love the customization you did. I think the color theme color adds brightness to your kitchen.

Time Billing Software

Looks cool. A perfect place to cool. I believe the older version was a vintage styled wooden kitchen, now its totally changed.

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