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August 12, 2011



Beautiful space and plants!

Mary Ann

Hi Laura! Great post! Your garden looks lush and inviting. Do you know the name of the cherry tomato plant that you photographed? I bought a plant that was mislabeled and I'm getting fruit that looks very similar in size and cluster, but have no idea what it's called. I'd like to know for next year. Thank you!
Mary Ann


What a lovely garden. And yes, broccoli keeps on giving if you just cut the head off.

dani@little fists

This is a garden of awesomeness.

sharon from farm and fru fru

wow, what a nice back yard! everything looks well tended and pretty...isn't it fun to eat what you grow?!


Your garden is so lush & alive, started growing my own veg this year & i'm real pleased with eating what grows in my own garden feels good & def tastes better, even smells better :D.
I bet you enjoyed many sunny days in your patch

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My parents still live in the Finger Lakes. I haven't heard of "hobo pies" since we went camping as kids! We made them in the fireplace in the winter too.


I love all your greenery and it totally makes me jealous!


Anna Maria

Oh it looks so beautiful!

We're (just) coming into Spring here, and we've been super busy in the vegie patch too. I haven't had a garden for such a long time, being an-ex city dweller, now we have 4 acres to play with. And it's overwhelming.
I'm sure we're going to make some mistakes too, but there's nothing like eating your own produce. We've had an abundance of plums and apples, so I've been learning the fine art of preserving... you should try turning some of those cucumbers into sandwich pickles. Yum!

Lisa Marie

Oh I love your backyard and your patio table and chairs! Could you share your source for the patio set? Thanks!

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Loving the post and the garden! Been working on our garden this year, it has come along way even though the harvest was below expecations. Mind you spent too much time working on the new handmade greeting card business lol something that had to give.


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saya dari malaysia,saya tidak pandai dalam english...you mempunyai backyard yang cantik...

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I love this all wonderful pictures of backyards. I have a huge backyard, I always care it. I learn from this regarding planting.

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Wonderful backyard. I love such garden very much. I know you had given much more efforts to make such kind of gardens.

Arto Burtiams

You sure have a very beautiful backyard. It's filled with lovely plants. The tomatoes look so healthy, and it's pretty clear that you've taken care of them very well. =)

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