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August 22, 2011



Hi :) I discovered your blog not long ago and just wanted to say what a gorgeous post this is. My little boy will be one on 20th September and you've certainly inspired me for his little party. Its hard to know what to do for a one year old. I love the last photo especially.
x Sam


Adorable! I love the not too theme-y theme and the month by month photos!

Happy Birthday Leo!


How precious - it brings back memories of those birthdays when my children were that age. So happy for you and your family. :)


Such a fun and colorful celebration--Happy First Birthday to you, Leo!


Happy Birthday, Leo!
oh, I enjoy your blog so much - you've planned a delightful celebration and designed it with such love, care and thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing the photos!


Happy birthday to Leo! xox.


Happy birthday, little man!! My boy is only a few weeks older than Leo. I love your blog! You've inspired me to create beautiful things! I keep trying to add you to my list but get stopped every time so I thought I'd post a comment and tell you how great you are. THANKS!


you're really adorable!


Thanks for sharing. Your blog is so inspiring and always makes me want to craft and create more for my daughters and our home. I wanted to comment also on the photo of you and your son together, it's really lovely.

sharon from farm and fru fru

so sweet! oh, it makes me wish my boys were little (not 18 and 21!!) a delightful yet understated party which is such a refreshing thing given the trend to over-do everything these days...and the stripes are smashing! love your photo...he is a real looker!


so charming especially the final photo, thank you for sharing this happy day!


Looks like an amazing party! Happy first to Leo!! I'm getting ready to embark on a series of 3 birthday over the next month - lots of talk of cake and cupcakes around our home right now. :)

Lasso the Moon

i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The timeline is absolute genius. Well done. This party is going to be all over pintrest.


happy birthday to Leo! from Thailand :)


My brother's named Leo, too. Happy Birthday, Leo!


This is the most adorable, unique and so cute of all!!

Lindsie Polhamus

Your blog is darling! I love this party theme! So cute!

elizabeth koproski

love this. happy birthday, leo.


Oh my goodness....this is SO GREAT!!!


Belated congratulations to you all! I came across your blog via Molly (Birdie Blue) her Pinterest boards. Your garlands and yoyo's are amazing! Very inspirational to me, thank you for posting all these pretties.


בגדי מעצבים

Happy birth day dear!! I have 2 little child. We always celebrate their birthday this way. They are twins.

abercrombie Milano

. I concur with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your future updates. The usefulness and significance is overwhelming and has been invaluable to me!


Such a cute idea. Your baby is beautiful.

avi movie editor

He is looking so cute. I love this baby. Belated congratulations to you all. Hope you had enjoyed very much.


A sweet birthday (and little boy), Laura. Congratulations on your little blessing and your beautiful celebration. -Heather Cahoon

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