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March 31, 2011



A during the week trip to NYC not in my cards. Jealous you got to go in person. : )
From someone who lives in central PA I was thrilled to see a iphone app that I can use to view this show.



amazing! would of loved to see this as well. Thank you for sharing!


Unbelievable! All made by one woman... They are gorgeous.


Wow, what a body of work! Thank you for sharing!


Wow! That is beautiful. I can't imagine making that many things with the same color scheme.

Laura Normandin

Hi guys,
Just to clarify one woman, Joanna S. Rose collected all the quilts, she didn't make them.

Sorry for my confusing wording.



So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Carol Vargas

So happy that Leo enjoyed it. I used to take my son to art galleries when he was a baby. He would point to the art and babble with much expression.

Valarie Budayr

I love red and white together. It's one of my favorite color combinations but seeing them in quilts hanging from a ceiling is just divine. Thanks for sharing this with us.




overwhelming , so many!

elissa @ faucethead

i've always been more of a down blanket kind of girl but seeing all these quilts hanging together has such a visual impact. i love it.


Wow, beautiful! I love the red and white palette. The installation looks amazing.


My what a true blue collector she is. I was amazed how lovely those patterns could be, given with the floating like presentation. Wonderful.

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Wow, Great! I can't believe that ,one woman collected all these! All the designs and colours are fabulous.Lovely blog. Than..q for sharing wonderful pieces.

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