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March 20, 2011



very cute! thanks for the tutorial!
one thing though-- might want to rethink the foam (maybe use stuffing?) since it's doused with fire retardants... maybe not the best thing for baby to be mouthing!

Annette Tyszka

Blocks are darling, picture of Leo and blocks is now our screen-saver! :)

Elizabeth {e tells tales}

Love this project! Got to figure out where I can get some foam.

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Pretty nice post!!You did a great art work with eggs. You have good creativity. I will try this in my leisure time . The napkins,Cakes, flowers all are awesome.

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your tiny white crochet project looks like it's going to be amazing. oh to do projects with such a small needle... and your favourite spot is beautiful. i love the dark pillow in the middle of the photo. love love love!


Lovely, but sadly, foam like that is typically saturated with flame retardants, which falls out over time and is not good for the little ones. See: http://www.ucsf.edu/news/2011/08/10425/study-finds-high-levels-flame-retardant-chemicals-california-pregnant-women

Please make sure your foam does not contain flame retardants. Often, especially here in California, you have to special order this kind of foam.

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Amazing baby blocks shared by you. It's creative idea to make such blocks for little baby. The blocks are very beautiful.


I LOVE these. Question, though. Have you dealt with stains/liquid soaking through? Just wondering if I should make a waterproof layer between fabric and foam.

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Love is! Where did you buy the foam to go inside?


I was wondering who cut the foam blocks for you?


Awesome project! Where did you find the foam cubes? Any chance there were other foam shapes available?


Where do you get the size of foam block you want? I've tried cutting foam to size with an electric knife but it comes out jagged and coroner which shows through the finished block


That coroner was supposed to be crooked

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