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March 20, 2011



Oh so cute. One of my regrets that I couldn't make for my kids those foam blocks are fun :)

Jill Wignall

these are sipmle, clever and cute. thanks for sharing.

lily boot

they look fantastic - now my baby is 13, but I think with all the lovely scraps we all accumulate, they would make a lovely feature simply piled on the windowsill! Thanks!

Chic Spaces for Little Faces

Adorable! What a fun idea.

Jo @ a life in lists

Oh, those are so sweet! I've just given up hope of turning a huge wodge of foam that I bought into a change mat, so maybe I'll turn it into some foam blocks instead...

Amanda Jane

such a good idea. the fabric choices are impeccable.


Your baby blocks are gorgeous!
Now I just have to find some foam!

Mommy en France

Your little boy is adorable and what a great project. I need to start making some baby gifts and this is definitely inspiring, along with the oilcloth mat you wrote about a while back. Good stuff.

sharon from farm and fru fru

so happy i checked in! i've missed your posts....this is such a cute and clever project...and wouldn't they make the best shower treats?!


I agree! it's so nice to see this latest post from you. Your little Leo and those foam blocks are lovely and look very fun and satisfying to make. Hmm... would my 12 year old son think I was daft if I made some?!


oops also meant to ask this: who did you get to cut the foam into cubes for you? Was it a foam supplier or a fabric store?

Eve Fox

Beautiful little blocks and really beautiful little boy!


So cute! I'm really glad your son likes them ... I made very similar soft blocks for my son when he was about that age and he rejected them. It was very funny, but also a bit disheartening. In retrospect I used batting instead of foam, maybe that was the problem. In any event, I'm very happy to have stumbled upon your beautiful blog.


I get very excited when you have a new post up! This is a very cute idea and you have a very cute baby


Oh my gosh these blocks are so cute! I just discovered your blog and am loving it! You have so many cute projects, can't wait to keep reading!


you are AMAZING! These are gorgeous


Oh, these are so lovely! I imagine it is also nice to use fabrics with different textures! Thanks so much for sharing them. All the best, a.


Sooo cute (the blocks and the baby)! What a great project!


Clearly Leo will be the kid with the best toys on the block! (best blocks on the block. :) )

1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

This is a cute idea! It can be a great birthday present!

Bethany Blankenbeckler

hey laura, i though i'd check out your blog today. nice stuff! and the pictures of leo are great. you've got one cute kid.

my mom makes baby block toys too, but she crochets covers. i haven't made any yet but i would like to try soon. she gave me a few to put up on my tiny etsy site


i guess she's my business partner now. ha!

- bethany

Bethany Blankenbeckler

oops! I guess I put in the wrong link!



Great idea--perfect for a little one. Your pics are excellent.

lizy B

Oh I just love these! I knew I was saving all that fabric for something!!


Awww how adorable! I like the last pic, the one where he looks up at you :-)


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