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February 08, 2011



So cute! What brand are those shoes he's wearing?

Christopher Hinn

Such a sweet baby boy...

Carol Vargas

Yea! Baby pictures!! And...you always give the most interesting links. I've added Estella to my favorites and it's because of you that I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. Thanks again for being there.


Aww I love a sweet little in stripes!


He is super cute!! Love his little outfit.


Oh what a sweet little pumpkin!

(and thank you for inspiring me to actually use my Clover bias maker which I was a bit uncertain about ...)


baby got style! ...and this shoe-aholic loves those baby shoes!

Hilltop Hausfrau

Thanks for this! Am desperate for some non-pink leggings...these are just the ticket. Leo's a peach, btw...

Cherished Hearts Vintage

Adorable baby and shop! Thank you for sharing.

Vintage is for Lovers

What a beautiful baby boy!! xo Samantha

Cynthia Leppäniemi

Hi. I just found your blog and couldn't resist to tell you that my only child was born, just as yours, on August 16th last year! This is curious for me since I was looking for blogs about moms, Martha Stewart, etc and as I found yours and saw all the beautiful things you have, I wanted to get some for my baby Bernardo, and when I read about the day your child was born, I felt "voilá", I must get some stuff from here! Glad to "meet" you. Regards all the way from Mexico City, and a kiss to Leo, Bernardo's new little friend!

Ruth Pfeiffer

I love the bright colors of his clothes and the ball seems to match his shirt. All babies must be coordnated while they play.


Great post shared by you. I like it. I love this cute baby. Thanks for sharing this one.

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