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December 16, 2010



Your little man is beautiful, and these photos are a great way to document his early life :)


Thanks Laura! You make everything look beautiful. These photos are wonderful...Leo is so beautiful.


Your little Leo is a beautiful and handsome boy! Enjoy your days with him...


wow! 4 months! time runs so fast! beautiful ist he...

greetings from germany


He looks so serious! Very cute!


that is one beautiful baby -- and one cool name, too!


lovely, lovely, love your page, it give us inspiration

Franny Glass

what an exceptionally gorgeous child. wow.


He's a real beauty!

sharon stanley

so very very cute and lucky you with your new house! congrats and many months of fun settling in! we've missed your posts!


very happy to hear your news! i wish you a lovely, happy Christmas with your beautiful boy in your new "nest"... i've missed your posts too!

elizabeth koproski

glad to get some pics. i've been dying to see both the boy and the house. merry chirstmas, friend. its so much more fun with kids around.


Beautiful way to document the first months!

Kelley Hart

Leo is the MOST precious! Happy holidays to you and your sweet family.


He is SO stinkin' cute! One of mine is about to be 9. Time does not slow down-drink it all in.


What a lovely son and what a great shots together! you can see him growing!


baby is so pretty)))its really W O N D E R F U L)))) very nice
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lindo lindo lindo. parabéns :)


What a lovely little fellow! I like the onesies too. Would you mind if I posted these with a link back here and to Culpepper General?


Thanks so mucn Laura! I'm glad you guys are all settled in. xo

Marijana Dvorski

Cool clothes for lovely baby. Great idea!


Wow, could your baby be any cuter? I don't think so.

Ruth Pfeiffer

Cute onesies, I think we need a bakers dozen. This will work for his first year of life.

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