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September 20, 2010


Valentina Rachiele

Dear Laura, I'm sorry to tell you your website seems still not reacheable - maybe it's a matter of time? You posted a wrong link in the blog post, too. I hope everything will be fine soon. Lot of kisses for you and Leo! Ciao


Oh dear. Not good at all. I received what I thought was a spam email from Gmail this week asking me to supply extra personal details. I just deleted it thinking I knew better and that it was all a scam. Maybe it wasn't. World hasn't fallen in yet and as far as I can see my blog still works. Thank goodness it's not a link to my livelihood. Phew. Hope your problems are resolved soon - and enjoy that busy time with your bub.

Laura Normandin

I fixed the link, sorry about that!


i love wrenhandmade. soo cute!

Kelley Hart

Hoping you are doing well! New babies do take over your life for a while. My baby boy is 14, and home sick for day 3. It gets easier, but it never ends. It's nice to be needed. xo

Ceramic bisque

Very very pretty things you have here =]

Ceramic bisque

By the way, did you make all of these?


hi i am mana from iran .i love your pretty website.

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