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August 13, 2010



You look great and I love all of your organization! Dreamy....


Oh...I remember those last days.
Enjoy organising and clearing you head...whilst resting up as much as you can.
Your spaces look so pretty...
GOOD LUCK with everything.


Wishing you all the very best...loving all your little guy stuff just divine... xTam

dani@little fists

I'm sure you are sick of hearing it, but dang...you are one cute pregnant lady!

And I'm all swoony over the organization I see.


Enjoy the countdown! Almost time to welcome your little one into the world :)


gorgeous belly shot! What lovely things you have for baby. Wishing you all the best for the arrival of your little one.


just 8 days to go...it's not so much...;) and then begins the big adventure !
i wish you and your babyboy all the best!

greetings from germany


Lovely gifts and things for you new arrival. Best of luck.


Oh what cute things you have for your little one!


Such darling things, completely different from what is found down here in Australia where I work in a baby shop.
Take care Laura, stay well.


you look so beautiful! Good luck and please post many many babyposts. i have 140 days to go, wish i had nine.

Kendra @ A Sonoma Garden

Good luck! You look fantastic. I have four weeks left to go in my pregnancy but I sure wish it were only a few days left!

Your collection of baby goodies is so sweet. Where did you get your drawer organizers? I've had two babies so far and their onesies slide all over the place in their drawers. I'd love to be a little more organized for this little bean.

sharon stanley

i am enchanted with your gifts, your baby clothes, your organization...everything!

Soul Pretty

Oh, so many nice gifts...My little Mini is 14 years old...but, I remember those days like it was yesterday. I remember thinking, "Why didn't anyone tell me to stock up on onesies instead of baby outfits from the GAP...LOL. So, don't say I didn't tell you...stock up on plain white onesies...you can thank me later...www.soulpretty.blogspot.com and good luck. FYI...enjoy your blog...so creative.


very nice....congratulations....let the baby madness begin....


you look beautiful-very sweet baby things-all the best!

abby jenkins

How beautiful you look! I am heading over to my best friend's house, she is in her last month with twins. Very exciting but a lot of work times two getting the nests in order.


Oh my. So glad I found this post. I love it all. My little one is scheduled (fingers crossed) to arrive during xmas week. We need cute onesies! So happy for you and for the arrival of Baby Leo. xo

Ruth Pfeiffer

I really like the onesies with the construction equipment on it. I am parsule to little boys. I had two boys of my own and now I have two grandsons so little boys are in my heart.

ליסינג פרטי

Congrats in advance! Many thanks for making a truthful effort to explain this. I feel fairly strong about this and would like to read more.

new era gorras

Noise reduction has been around your blog, I can say is .... you is incredible! ! You have amazing talent. Your Heavenly and imagination and unique style, inspiration and pure joy. I am very glad I found you!
Good intentions,

I really like the onesies with the construction equipment on it. I am parsule to little boys. I had two boys of my own and now I have two grandsons so little boys are in my heart.

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