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August 03, 2010



ABSOLUTELY STUNNING...what a treasure. WOW.
Good luck with the next couple of weeks...I'm sure this heat is not helping...


The pillow IS wonderful! I really like your blog and your style.
I want to wish you good luck, too! Enjoy! What a special time.

sharon stanley

I. LOVE. IT. what a fun, unusual, perfect gift! good luck in the coming weeks!




That is inspired. What a beautiful gift.


What a sweet idea! I absolutely love it.


oh what a lovely and thoughtful gift.

Traveling Mama

How sweet! I hope you are doing well?


I did not get anything as lovely, maybe I could make one for a friend. Good luck with the little one.


holy cow. that is truly a special gift :)


So very beautiful, something to keep forever. Stay well, take good care ...

elizabeth koproski

who gets a baby shower from the Martha Stewart Living magazine... you lucky girl. But what we REALLY want to see are some belly shots!!!

The Phantom Moon

How gorgeous! What a sweet gift :)

Casa e Cose

That is jsut hte sweetest of pillows - what a lovely gift! I saw it on bkids and just needed to track it down. Many congratualtions on your babyboy - nothing beats that!


This is just devine. How very lucky are you!


just perfect!!! congrats!

Nic Jones

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Ruth Pfeiffer

That was a very nice idea with the linen squares. It will creat a very nice memory of your little son coming into the world. Cherished memories!

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