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February 01, 2010


Jenna Nelson

holy smack! that was a lucky score :)


wow! that's like a dream come true. your afghan is looking gorgeous!

Lovely World

I've received crafting patterns and supplies from older women who were cleaning out or who had died. It always feels like such a gift. I wonder who gets all my stuff when I am old?


just gorgeous!


What a treasure!


I adore !


what an amazing resource! i love the colors you're using for your blanket, so perfect.


Oh, my. How fortunate. And the beginnings of the afghan are wonderful. What weight yarn are you using?


what a treasure!
this reminds me of when I was a little girl, and my next door neighbor-spinster-school-Marm (can't believe I just called her a spinster!)
gave me a box of her old school teacher books & supplies. I was in heaven.
To this day, I still have one book from that box...it is a reference book for country school teachers. I treasure it. :)


that knit has such pretty colours: 3


You lucky! How beautifully kept it all is. My aunt gave me an archive box full of the sewing patterns her mother had used as a teenager and young wife, then for their family when the children were small... it was like a time capsule and I love looking over the patterns and discoering little notes she's written on them.


It's lovely that her cherished patterns and ephemera are being passed onto someone else who will equally cherish - but more importantly - use them!

Thanks for sharing - Houdini x

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