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November 13, 2009



Thanks for posting the youtube video about this new movie. Delightful!

janet clare

I took my boys to see it recently (we're in Britain) and it was amazing and charming- you won't be disappointed!


AND it's Wes Anderson, so how could you go wrong?!


this looks so wonderful. i love the miniature housewares modeled after dahl's actual house


I, too can't wait to see it! I posted about it a couple of weeks ago. I'm a bit nervous about being disappointed, because it's a story I love so much. The reviews I had seen weren't so favorable, so I'm glad to see Janet Clare's comment.

Logo Design

It sounds like a great exhibition. I will definitely check it out since I live in NYC. I love the way you presented it in your post. Your image selection captures the essence of the exhibit. Have a good day! Take care.

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