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October 28, 2009



it's always lovely to see something made over and given a new life in a home. you've done a grand job with the little table...was the chair a similar find?

Rachel (heart of light)

Oh, we do this too! We find the best furniture next to the dumpster behind our apartment building. I love rescuing things.


Street shopping is the BEST, and your table turned out beautifully.

Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Stanley

It's just as cute as can be and so rewarding when you find it, fix it and use it...make yourself a cute cushion and throw on top when you need extra seating too! Thanks for showing it...


oh goodness! I think it's great and totally would of brought it home with me, too. with my partner charles rolling his eyes all the way home. (some people just don't get it, do they?) :) Here's to finding treasures! xo sharilyn


Tomorrow and Thursday Blu Dot furniture is leaving 25 chairs free for the taking (and tracking since they'll be equipped with GPS) in locations all over NYC--what a find!

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