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October 05, 2009


Sharon Stanley

oh to be so organized...

dani@little fists

I am an organization whore. I love it.

This made me all giddy.


Ooh....craft organization...wow, well done.


oh so inspiring! looks like a lovely space!


Awesome collection, I love it when everything has a place. And your business cards are so cool.

Vicki K

Such pleasing pictures! I love all those cubbies and their contents...

Cecelia Hayes

oh i wish! Where do you get those cubbies?

elizabeth woodford

Love these pictures and bow down in the presence of your wonderful organizing skills!! I think that I missed out on those organizing genes when they were being handed out!!! :)


I love the photos of the thread/yarn. Gorgeous! Also, that's a great way to organize buttons. I have mine in plastic baggies.


I visited the site of Bright Star--the Jane Campion movie about Keats--and thought of your tiny crochet creations when I saw a still photo of the lead female wearing a crocheted cardigan. Have you ever thought of making a garment of those tiny motifs? Oy! But exquisite.

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