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September 14, 2009


Sharon Stanley

I have a couple. My local quilt shop gives me the little trimmings from bolts of fabric. The variety of prints and colors are great and cost me nothing. They are long stringy pieces and work so well in sewing projects, quilting, collage, you can tie them onto gifts, tags, the possibilities are endless and they add a fun twist to everything you do...and...they are free! 2nd...if you know someone who knits a lot, then you know they have little leftover balls of yarn that are sometimes to small to start another project with. My sister gives me hers and I knit them into little doll sweaters, or tie them onto gifts etc. I get a really nice quality doll sweater using yarn I probably would not have purchased myself and trade her something of mine that she wants...people love to trade and it just makes sense in this economy!


Oh ! how nice are those fabrics !
I go to EmmaĆ¼s to find (or try to)vintage craft supplies but these are charity-store probably only in France ;-) (were i live)


I'm so lucky to have a mom who trolls yard sales and flea markets for me! For some reason she doesn't ever charge ;)

Janet Doherty

Oh all those colors just make me happy!
Etsy has provided me with some great finds but I have to say most of mine have come from the flea market.


Such beautiful fabric and yarn choices. Living in Australia it can be expensive to buy nice fabric so I tend to shop online, I like z&s fabrics (they often seem to have discount weeks) as well as Hancocks. I am on self imposed ban until I visit NY in a few weeks!


not inexpensive but i love hart fabrics selection online. they always have several items that are "must haves".


I love those china buttons too. I bought some of the patterned ones in the middle a long time ago (I think at Tender Buttons in Chicago) to set into a ring when I was taking metalsmithing in art school. I never did figure out a good way to do it, so I still have them.

margaret Oomen

Most of my crafting supplies come from thrift stores and rummage sales. I have bought all my vintage crochet cotton there and also all my tiny little hooks. I always scan the clothing for liberty tana lawn, cashmere and fine high quality linen and wool. If they don't fit myself or any of the children I will cut up the clothing and use the fabric.

LynAnne Smucker

I have found Goodwill (at times) women's wool skirts that if 80% to 100% wool will felt up nicely in the washing machine for wool felt creations, applique, or doll shoes. I bought, some time back a lot of vintage feed-sack fabric via e-bay and on occasion have found good deals for quilting fabrics. The biggest source for low cost fabric, trims, buttons for me has been my quilt guild's annual garage sale at our quilt show. Various people donate fabric, yarn, trims and other sewing/needle arts crafting supplies they don't want or need and the money goes to support our guild's projects.

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