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August 24, 2009



Liebe looks lovely, as if you made yourself into a store.. it all screams "Laura" to me!

Sharon Stanley

Wow...I thought the Liebe shop looked just like your work as well! So crafty, clean and interesting...what a lovely trip...can't wait to see more and also what all this inspires you do make next! Look forward to your site each day...s


Oh, I love the Royal Cafe. Did you have the carafe of water with charcoal at the bottom? I was there in the run up to Christmas a couple of years ago and bought some beautiful Royal Copenhagen baubles. Only 1 remains - they didn't like the wooden floors...

The Danish have such incredible style.

Sheena Croft

Everything is so dreamy!


Love your blog, Laura, and wow, great photos of Copenhagen. I went there in June and it was absolutely loved it too. I love the storefronts down below street level, and the house we stayed in was very much like the ones in your first photo. Such a cool place...I'd love to live there for a while, if I could only persuade myself that it might be possible to learn the language! Looking forward to more lovely photos.

elizabeth koproski

oh my word, that store has laura written all over it. Of course it was your favorite.


Love the colors, the feeling of the place and the thoughtful everyday foodie shots....Thanks for taking us with you!


I so glad you like 'my city'. I used to live in Copehagen (now I'm in England). I always enjoy going back to visit. Luckely my sister lives in Copenhagen, so I HAVE to go on a regular basis :-) Your photos made me quite homesick. I do love the Royal Cafe as well. It's expensive, but such a neat place just to hang out for a while.


aw thankyou for this. Copenhagen is one of my most favourite places in the whole world and seeing your post made me want to visit once again, and quick!

I have spent many a lovely afternoon picnic in Assistens Cemetery with my best friend and her little ones. I love it that you randomly spend time there and enjoyed it, too!

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