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July 16, 2009


dani@little fists

Succulents are the best. I have a few in my kitchen window. The way the light shines on them is beautiful.

Cool pots.


i love succulents too and how lucky are you? gorgeous pots!!


With lack of space and time, I have considered trying a little indoor garden. Have you thought of giving that a shot yet? :-)


Oh, I love all the green! We have no yard, but a large balcony and have started growing food but I really need to get onto the succulent garden I've been dreaming of!


i live in an apartment now and miss a garden so much! I think I will give succulents a go, if only I had your amazing pots for them! I love the blue ones.


gorgeous! i love succulents!

stephanie alaine

i love a succulent, i love them love them love them. your display makes me love mine even more. do you have names for yours, too?

Jordan Hydro

I suppoes, Sunny spring afternoon, garden stone bench is a good place to study.

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