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May 30, 2009


michele gallagher

Dear Laura, I about shrieked and almost fainted on seeing seeing something as cute as your dolls of husband and cat Maggie. OMG how cute they are. The expression!!! and the pic of the cat by the husband ((who is an avid cyclist although he hates when YOU call him that!)LOL I can imagine you know your out doing errands and talking to people you see all the time and your husband comes up and your like oh BTW "my husband who is an avid cyclist".

That is so cute! But isn't it fun to brag? Okay my comment is getting to long so I'll sign out.

Thanks laura for writing such a delightful adorable Blog. The grad party also looks delicious I will vicariously enjoy :)


cindy : quaint

they are both absolutely fantastic. such love.

Fancy Elastic

Brilliant... totally brilliant!


crazy in a very good way


I love Ben. I love his bicycle outfit and the other one with the superb floral print tie. WOW! And the cat is ADORABLE. Well done! I'm inspired.



I think I could go on in that vein for at least the next five minutes. SO absolutely, freakingly, positively COOL!

Thank you so much for sharing, Laura. I absolutely love whenever we get a peek at your doll works and creativity!

Margaret Oomen

that is the most amazing gift you could make your husband. I adore the tiny little liberty tie but then again I am kind of "nuts" about liberty


Crazy, but fun! Both the outfits are amazing. You are so creative!


I'm thinking Voodoo.

Ben has been acting a little 'uncontrolled' and "twitchy" lately - and this might just explain why.

Kindly confirm and I'll give you $1,000 for it ;)


I absolutely love the cycling outfit on the doll! I hope you don't mind if I use the image (and link it) for my Friday Hyggelig. Awesome!

Your wedding photos on bicycles are also most excellent.

Craft on...


This is nothing short of spectacular! High art! I love it. This is the kind of folk art that will define our generation.

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