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April 01, 2009


Quince and Quire

This is inspiring me to make a cover of my own! Mine is a plain ivory muslin, which is fine, but those stripes are so nice.


so cute - much better than you'd find at the drugstore, that's for sure. and don't get me started on that striped linen, oh my!


This is such a great project- I have really enjoyed reading your blog (found it through Martha Stewart's Crafts Blog)...I was wondering about your small crochet squares- what kind of yarn do you use and what size hook? They are all so beautiful! Thanks!!


We have an extra large ironing board too! My husband brought it with him when we got married; it's ancient and very sturdy. I also made a new cover for it, but I weaseled out and didn't add a lovely binding like yours. Mine is more pedestrian.

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