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March 10, 2009


Nina - Tabiboo

I love the cover of 'Michigan' I nearly bought it this Christmas (it was the cover that caught my eye) but went for his 'Christmas Singalong' instead mainly because it was Christmas!! Though I think 'Michigan' is definately on my wishlist for a future treat!

Nina x


It was the Michigan album that actually led me to find your website and your blog. I love the illustrations you did. Love the Welcome Wagon too!

Jenny V.

Laura! Michigan is one of my favorite albums, I had no idea that you did the artwork! That's so amazing, :D!


I had no idea that people still made records. I will have to look for these!
I can often be found going through old boxes of records at the junk stores and buying them just for pretty covers. :) My daughter's favorite music is all old records.
We love them at our house.

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