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March 11, 2009





What a great idea! It looks really beautiful on the wall.


It's lovely.

liz elayne

wow. this is such a beautiful idea...

love how it honors this woman and the many women who have saved and created quilt patterns in this way.

Jenny V.

What a wonderful idea to frame them up!


It looks wonderful framed! What are those little prints of to the left of the picture. They look like skirts & granny squares. Hope you're having a great Wednesday.


Great idea. I really love it.

heather smith jones

This is really amazing and I like how the values and colors are arranged. The "voting" donkey shape is interesting isn't it? And to me it seems that somehow these pieces all fit together. Thanks for sharing this!


What a clever way to preserve someone's obviously cherished applique templates! It looks so amazing.



Such a beautiful tribute! It looks really great with the brick wall as the backdrop too.


I love it that you cherish these, their history and humble origins...and the finished collage is fabulous.


this collection is beautiful. wow!


I love how you framed those scraps, what a nice way to display those pieces.

kate s.

this looks great. i sent you an email awhile back, i got to KCAI. i live in kansas city. i wish i could have inherited this lady's goodies.


It really is beautiful, but for some reason, it makes me feel incredibly sad. I guess becuase I quilt, and hate that one day, my patterns and cherished things may be given to a stranger. Even if the stranger loves them, still it makes me sad.


I love the pink sashiko blanket. Did you make it? It's so beautiful.
Your idea with paper quilt paterns is really cool.


I looooove this. It feels like it has such a story to tell from old projects past.

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What a clean looking space. The photo speaks simplicity.

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