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March 31, 2009


cindy : quaint

your new studio looks fantastic! i would never want to leave. happy crafting!


Will you come over and help me with my new office/craft room? I LOVE yours! Where did you get those spool wall mounts? and the little cubby shelves? I could get really crafty with that kind of organization. Thanks!

Account Deleted

Your studio looks like the most inviting space to be creative, roll your sleeves up, and get crafting. We're going to be moving in a month and I'm dreading it — good luck with unpacking!


Wow, it is very comfortable room & looks so pretty. I love it.


What a wonderful new studio! And such big windows too! It must really be wonderful to have a space of your own after having worked in tighter quarters for so long. Say, I have a question about your sewing machine. What kind do you use? Do you love it?

Kelley Hart

Your space looks wonderful! You deserve to have a nice space to work in. I was so stoked to see you in Martha, then I read that you don't work there any more! What are you doing now? Are you working freelance? on your own? I love following your story. Good luck with all you do.

Quince and Quire

Such nice light, and so much space! Congratulations.


Your new studio looks wonderful! I love the fabric cubbies. Do you wash all those fabrics before you organize them?


UAU! I wouldn't mind to be my studio!!!! It's fantastic!!!! Liked a lot your blog, in my fav's now!!! :)

Annie Pazoo

What a beautiful job you've done of moving in and setting up already. It looks like a fantastic (and inspiring) space!


I love your organization. This is my biggest issue.


wowzer! what a lovely space you have!


GORGEOUS. What kind of storage did you use for your fabric stash -- is that shoe shelving?


Wow, what a lovely space you have, so much light, I would love to have a craftroom like that!


love it. hope you're well!


Oh Wow. Just loving all that space, all the organization, and all the options! It's sort of like looking in the window at a candy store and trying to decide what you're going to taste first...

Congrats on a successful move, Laura, and thanks for sharing such a fun look at the Craft Room! Can't wait to see what comes next...


That is so impressive and I know it's been said in all the other comments, too, but WOW- really- WOW.....Love it all...the light, the space, the sheer crafting potential...
way to go...


Your work is completely visionary!! I've been a fan for ages and unbelievably hadn't found your blog till today!!!!

AMAZING to see you online.
Homage here:



That's a great looking room and an enviable stash of fabric! Good work :)


Beautiful! I'm inspired


I am so very jealous of your craft room! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! I wish I had enough room for a whole room devoted to crafting!

It's really lovely.

Breakfast for Dinner

Great space! Where did you get the spool holders? They're so pretty!


this is glorious! the grey gloss is lovely! it's inspiring me to spend an hour tonight organizing in my studio!



Nice working place! i love it!


I am currently clearing up my studio as well so your
craft space is really inspiring. Love the natural light.

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