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February 24, 2009



My mom has one very similar to that, though not identical. It weighs a TON, but it's very dependable. Hers has a carry lid that slips on over the top. We learned early on never to rely on that handle.


Simply loving it!


I loved my mom's old bernina, she used it for all her quilting until it finally died. At the house I am living at they have a singer from the 70s, and I am trying to figure it out!

Ellen Patton

Love the photo! I have one from 1976 and it's way sturdier than what they make now.


my sewing machine is so similar! I love it! I think it might be even older than your moms, it was my great aunt's, and yes it weighs a million pounds, (lift from the bottom!) but it's really reliable. There's something about old sewing machines, I've never gotten into the new computerized ones, old ones have much more soul...


I have a similar Singer given to me by my grandmother in the early 70s. I'm going to visit that blog and see what year mine is. I've always thought it was 62 or 63. I've had it serviced recently and then tucked it away safe in a closet. I use a new $99 Brother machine for my papercrafting projects.


That is awesome! My mom had one very similar (might even be that one). She passed away when I was 16 and her sewing machine was sold. It is the ONE item of hers I wish I still had. :(

Elizabeth S.

That reminds me so much of my mom's old Singer, except hers was from 1967 or so and avocado green! That is what I learned to sew on and I miss it so much. My mom gave it to my grandmother to take to her second home, but I hope to reclaim it someday. They just don't make workhorses like that anymore (for the home sewer). The closest I have found for reliability is my Bernina 1008, which admittedly has a lot more bells and whistles.

Laughing Duck

This was my first sewing machine but a few years "younger" I think I got it in 69 or 70.
Killed it while in college trying to quilt a quilt. The Bernina that replaced it is still my machine.


I have almost the identical sewing machine in the same colour! It works great and it looks cool too.


If you go to Singer.com - click on customer support then click on the link that says "machine serial number" you can enter the serial number on this machine and find out when it was made.


Your blog is very cool!
I work at a sewing machine store, Singer and other brands. I would not buy a Singer made after 1975.(poor quality!) This one however, is a gem!
I am taking one like it to my home....a customer traded it in yesterday.

Ray Blazin

I have the same exact machine!!
However, something is wrong with the pedal. I can turn the wheel on the side of the machine by hand and it works just fine, but the pedal won´t do anything when I press on it! My dad says there´s something wrong with the connection (something about a wire falling off a connection board :/) so I opened up the pedal but everything was attached just fine???!!! Please help me D:

jef brown

Opelika Sewing offers Singer Sewing Machines at guaranteed low prices. All sewing machines also ship free nationwide.

Ruby Taylor

I still have my working 1961 Singer...recently received new, inexpensive basic Singer for Christmas. Solid metal (1961) vs. plastic (new machine)!

Diane Smith

My sewing machine is just like yours. Do you know where I could get a manual? I want to make sure I have it threaded right. Thanks,



I just scored this model intact in a fold up table for $7.50 at a thrift store :) It is missing the bobbin (which I kind of expected)...have you had any luck with replacements?

tasty moog

i have one of these! my man got it for me for xmas in 2008; i think he got it on ebay. it worked ok for a while, then we had to get it repaired. some months later it broke again, and now i just keep it on display (as i have a newer sewing machine). it came with a manual and all sorts of attachments, too! i love it and hopefully someday i can get it working again.


This is the machine I learned on! I'm so excited to find that others still have one. I'm trying to repair a tension issue on mine: http://www.scratchmadellc.com/2012/07/singer-337-my-moms-machine.html


Does anyone out there have an instruction book for this machine? Mine was lost in a move, and as I don't sew weekly, I'm stumped with how to thread the machine correctly. The thread keeps jamming up after only an inch of stitches.

Please help,


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