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February 21, 2009



So, now there will be time for a Laura Normandin book (or two)?



Good luck Laura. I wish you the best.


oh snap. here's to new things and wishing you the best. -ab


congrats on the big change!
i'm very much looking forward to seeing your new projects....

cindy : quaint

congratulations, laura! your mind must be percolating with all kinds of new ideas with your new found freedom! looking forward to seeing them ...


it'll be nice to see you here on the blog even more Laura, here's to new beginnings.

Lindsey P.

ooo How neat! Where did you get all the goodies to attach to the peg board to store your items?


I love the peg board! Where did you get the holders for the supplies on the board like the paper, tape, and scissors?

Laura Normandin

The pegboard hooks and holders can be found at regular hardware stores or online at places like this:



Good luck with everything...I wish you the best. I love your blog so having you here more often is going to be a treat. Also, thanks for the great pegboard idea. I have been wondering how to arrange all my studio tools in an accessible way and this fits the bill perfectly.

petit hameau

Lovely idea with the peg board.. I love your blog.


best wishes for your new endeavors! excited for more blogging!


laura! you are so talented. sad to hear about martha, but i know from several sources (like stephen johnson) of how loved and appreciated you were there. can't wait to see you what you do. lets keep in touch!

Heather Spriggs Thompson

Thanks for your work and your lovely site. Looking forward to more. I featured your studio at my blog site.


I look forward to see many more lovely posts on your blog, good luck!!


You do beautiful work & are so talented. Cheers to new adventures!


Sad to hear it (I like to think that a few of my favorite people are still there, but it seems like the list is getting shorter by the minute!). But so happy for you and the new doors you will be walking through.

It's lovely to see what you are up to on your blog..


Good luck Laura, wishing you all the best. Beautiful crochet necklaces. Thank you for sharing the Louise Bourgeois post. What an incredible piece.

Looking forward to more posts.

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