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March 08, 2008



Ah, I guessed correctly. heehee
I picked up 3 of them today at the Union Sq. location. They are so cute.


Congratulations! That is great accomplishment and a lovely store to be at!


Congratulations! They are precious!

emmy lou

You must be soooo frigging proud! YOUR stuff at ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!


Thats great, They are so pretty.


no way! at anthropologie? that's so cool! congrats! i'm sure that was a ton of work! wish i could see them...haha


Wow congratulations!

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

Congratulations. I found you by linking out from JenB at scissors paper glue. I am a fellow crocheter and I love what I am seeing here.

Have a wonderful day - again congratulations.

cindy k


Molly Elmer

just made my way to anthro today and bought some darling yellow ones. can't wait to pin my hair back with them. they are truly charming.


Saw them at the Anthro here in Portland. They look great!


oh they're so so pretty! congratulations!

erinn Johnson

I just saw them at the anthropologie in philadelphia. congrats. what a great store to be in, i love that store!

mrs. french

Oh my goodness do I love these...I need to snag a pair.

mrs. french

Oh my goodness do I love these...I need to snag a pair.


Years ago I had a large order with Anthropologie. It was very difficult and I was so happy when it was done.

Mazel Tov

kari jo cates

congrats on your wedding!
karen c. said it was amazing.
and congrats on anthropologie;
you've got a lot on your
plate. wow.


Anthropologie is a lovely store, and I picked up some of your orange flower bobbies yesterday! They are so beautiful, great work!


I saw these adorable hairpins while on my visit in Seattle, and thought they were yours (i've been a reader in the past but this is my first comment). I happily picked up a set of pink flowers! Congrats on such a big order!


oh yay! i work at anthropologie in roseville, ca, and i've been eying these for awhile... love them! how fun that i stumbled upon your blog, i always wondered who "wren" was! :) so glad that the store i work for supports people like YOU! :)


i was just in the ny store this weekend and picked up the yellow hairpins-- so happy to have them!


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