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February 22, 2008


d e a r

Souch a beautiful, dear and "clever" treasure!



This is such a beautiful gift. Hope this order hasn't been too overwhelming!


That's really beautiful Laura. Congratulations on your engagement. I can only imagine how beautiful and unique your wedding will be. I'm not sure what your Michigan connection is, but if you make it back here before the end of April, there is an amazing quilt exhibit at the Henry Ford. Thanks for the crochet advice. I picked up Kelli Ronci's book which had some nice projects in it...

susie q

that's lovely. hope you were able to get some helping hands.

Life Info Zone

Woow Wat a site.Awesome pics buddy.Thanks a lot for sharing.


congrats on your engagement. wishing you happiness. love, erinn


wow. i mean, daggum, lady, that is spectacular. do you think my family would throw me another shower? it's only been twelve years...

maryam in Marrakesh

That image of her peeking over the fan is beautifully rendered. Lucky you!

תת פעילו בלוטת התריס

Great post! I like too much. I never see such amazing apron. It's very beautiful with perfect color combination.

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