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February 25, 2008



the little production line you've got there looks amazing, well done on getting it all complete! : )


lovely! how lucky for you to have so much help.


Wow! That is amazing! Congratulations on the big order. I hope that now that it is over that you get the much needed rest that you deserve.

I look forward to see what you create next.


well done, so much work but it looks so pretty...


Well done you! That looked like a mighty big order!
Go get some sleep!



Congrats on finishing! They look beautiful.


love your goodies. congrats on the big order!


Just popping in to see how wren handmade is doing. I haven't seen your apartment before. It's great! I hope all is well!


congrats on the big order... and on finishing!! they look wonderful :)


Glad you found some help : )

The hair pins look so beautiful all piled up like that. Love the cards they're on too!


AMAZING work! The hairpins look great- the design on the card is so pretty! So much work! I'm sure you're glad it's over...LOVE the apron too...how sweet


i just wanted to say CONGRATS on having your hairpins at Anthropologie!!!
that is incredible!
i saw them today (I've been reading your blog for a few weeks...can't even remember how i found it...but i recognized the pins right away!)
you are amazingly talented!
i plan to go back and buy some when I have some extra cash to spend...today was just browsing.)
blessings to you!


I just read the comment above and ANTHRO is my most favorite store... congratulations! I love your blog and work... it is so lovely!!!

Jen b

congratulations, i just bought some yesterday. they are so cute!

Molly Elmer

Just found your blog and I must say....I am making a special trip to anthropologie tomorrow on search for those darling hair pins. Well done!


congrats! i saw them the other day and bought a yellow set. love them!


holy cow. i saw these in the spring and loved them, and have been wanting to look you up forever after writing down the name off of the packaging. well i happened upon your blog and am so excited. you're going on the RSS, keep up the good work!

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