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August 27, 2012


Brooke Reynolds

That train banner is awesome! This is how I like my kids parties.. cute and well thought out, with sweet homemade details, but now over the top CRAZY like I see happening all over!

Happy birthday to Leo..


I like the cake eating pics, so funny! All the decorations are fanastic, well done! :)
Jess x x


Wow those decorations are amazing! I love the train theme! And the last photo of the DIY wrapping paper is adorable! Looks like it was a fun party!

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I like the train theme and it actually suits the two adorable little boys! excellent decorations. I know you had one, xoxo

sharon from sharon stanley writes

cute as a button and the train theme was spot on for a little fellow...miss your posts, but you've got your hands full!


Happy Birthday to Leo and his friend! Love your train theme and all colorful decorations : )

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according to the pictures i can see it was an amazing birthday party. i'm sure that your child enjoys also.

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Wow what a lot of fun you all seem to have had! Happy Birthday. xx

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Laura Kidd

I have never experienced like this one. I mean celebrating a birthday together with somebody who has the same birthday as mine.


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I love those party theme and the food as well. It looks yummy and kids really like it. Great idea.

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