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May 24, 2011



I love your picnic table!


I fear your veg is too tightly packed. Broccoli grows tall and have large leaves, usually needing 18" between plants.

Zucchini also have a wide spread, and not many families need more than 2 plants, they're very productive!

Cucumbers are climbers.

A google image search will give you a good idea on the size of the mature plants you're growing...

Your outdoor space looks so inviting!

sharon from farm and fru fru

what a most inviting space! think how much fun it will be when your little one can play out there among your trees and bushes!


what an absolutely lovely space. and in the city?! what a lucky find! there are so many wonderful things going on here, but what i adore most is that little secret garden door in the back. you said it leads to the garage? in the city?! you have some seriously good real estate karma. enjoy your space :) xoxo


How lucky to have a little urban oasis like this! I love what you've been doing to make it even nicer :)


Very beautiful; especially the combination of flowering and food producers. Enjoy!


love the potager! and the pergola too :)


Love the backyard. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. It has a peaceful, quiet feel.


What a great little space! I love little urban yards like this, so cozy. I hope you get your tomatoes!


What a great backyard! I love all the pots and green everywhere!!

susan hall

Love your backyard ! wish I could say mine looked as neat, it will all look really lush in the summer.

Janets House

Love your backyard,especially the 'secret garden' door. I just purchased some succulants yesterday at the farmers market and am anxious to pot them up. Love your previous post with the crocheted pinwheels. Congrats!


Love you backyard!! You will love, love, love the wisteria. Ours is out right now, and it is the most beautiful addition to our landscape. We look forward to the time of years that it's in full bloom.

Ashlea Walter

Beautiful space! You will have such a full bounty from your 3 X 3 raised bed space. Lovely choices and nicely edited - love all the different shades of green and various textures in the plants. I have a dream of an all-shades-of-green-only garden one day. Looking forward to seeing it later this summer.

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Fabulous yard :) I love the outside table it is perfect for the having a morning coffee outside.


This is such a stunning oasis. I can't imagine having such a lovely green space all to myself, let alone in a place like New York! You are incredibly lucky, and incredibly talented to make it happen. I am inspired!


maybe take out every second vegie seedling in yr raised bed and pot it in a pot, one pot for each plant (just plastic). Then you can keep all the seedlings and they should have enough space to grow. Things just need space. Don't kill anything, just create space. Look on seed packets to see how much space you need between each plant. I love wisteria- i planted 2 and they thrive and keep growing, you can't stop them.


Your garden looks great already - bet it will be amazing once the wisteria grows in.


May I ask where you got your picnic table & chairs from?

Your entire backyard is just lovely!

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

Megan Payne

Hmm, cobble stones might be a good idea. They would accentuate that growing green garden of yours. It's a beautiful work in progress, and the project of making improvements upon it is a fine way to spend one's time.

London Roofer

The backyard is a place that is supposed to be inviting, so aesthetics will definitely have to be considered. Not really that luxurious but at least it can provide the basic functional elements of a backyard in terms of use and comfort.

gorras de marca

I fear your veg is too tightly packed. Broccoli grows tall and have large leaves, usually needing 18" between plants.

Zucchini also have a wide spread, and not many families need more than 2 plants, they're very productive!

Cucumbers are climbers.

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