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March 11, 2010



That store front alone makes me swoon.


bow, this is hard to take!
nasty target does not deliver to foreign addresses - so no liberty here in europe...merde!

lyn spataro

no kidding! the storefront is so cool! all the choices are lovely! i usually try to avoid target except for these occasions. going to have to move fast on this one i'm betting.


oh no! I NEED the wellies!!


My store had a few goodies, so I picked up a blouse and sleepwear. I'm looking to get some gardening gloves and an umbrella with the rollout proper. Love that tie, I may need that for myself. :)

Nancy Cook

thanks for the preview. i'm going to my local one on saturday and am crossing fingers they are fully stocked.


Where is the store in Manhattan? I am just wondering. I will check out the store online only with this bad weather; I am not sure that I have the courage to venture outside. Thanks for the heads up. I love your blog. Have a good day! Take care.


I was *so* excited for this, I went to my local Target this afternoon and they had almost nothing out!

That, and I was disappointed by the women's apparel. 100% Polyester? Really?!

Punctuation Mark

I love target and how they bring good design to everyone!

mercedes grill

the flowered design is so "in" these days..and this design would pretty much the coming summer season..way to go!

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The items looked great but many of the shelves were already pretty bare

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