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December 14, 2009


lisa ensor

wow that looks amazing!


Everything seems so nice!


Everything looks beautiful. I love the color range of the bead necklaces. Beautiful.


very interesting and beautiful


I'm so sorry I had to work that day. I'm glad that I at least got the chance to buy from several of the participants the week before at the MS Craft Sale. I'm especially loving the beautiful necklace and garland I bought from Wren Handmade!


thanks you
You will have to crawl very nice,owe you gratitude..


Thanks for the constructive feedback :) regarding the Overworld limitations and linearity, I only felt it limited in the sense that you aren't truely able to 'explore' fully in the way that could in other Zelda games - remember the underground caverns you could once find? - and quite frankly I miss that and it is basically linear in the sense that your destination is already chosen, yes you are still exploring and in a wonderful new way but this Overworld 'Transport' also highlights the limitations of what Nintendo can do with a 3D Zelda game on the DS but what they 'have' achieved is still impressive and I do acknowledge that fully.

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