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September 01, 2009



i love all of your vacation posts!!




I love those little cottages - the pictures of them are really lovely!

Pomona x

Jane Flanagan

Oh wow - those cottages are truly idyllic. I love!


I really enjoy your posts about your trip,we went to Stockholm as well and I loved those cottages, I took also some pictures of the sweet little green cottage


Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the look of that trailer. I would have stopped too!

I think one day I am going to have to visit Stockholm! :)


Thank you for sharing your vacation pictures. I love the cottages, they remind me of the "Laube" as they call them in Berlin, Germany, where my grandparents used to actually reside in until the 70s when they could not be used as residence. I loved to walk around the neighborhood and check out all the different flowers and gnomes,etc.


WOW!!! Sounds like a fun day.


these look like little russian dachas! so cute.


I love the tiny cottages! I want to put one in my backyard! like tomorrow!

elizabeth woodford

I have just found your Blog and I love it!! I am of Swedish descent and grew up with a very Swedish grandmother. I have not bee over yet but we are planning a trip as my husband works for the USCG and makes many trips to Finland. We are going to extend a trip and take the Ferry across to Sweden soon!! your photos are wonderful and I plan to go back in your blog and find more!! Thank you so much for posting all of them!!

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