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September 21, 2009



DEFINITELY the Linen covered board!
Much improvement!
Did you enter my Giveaway yet?
Have a lovely day.


The bulletin board! It's beautiful and inspiring, as all bulletin boards should be :)


No contest - the new one, am new to your blog, love it x

Sharon Stanley

Love the b board but the peg was good too...life is short...use both...continuing to love your blog...


the linen is darling, but i have to say i prefer the peg board. they're different, so it's hard to say too!!


i dig the peg board because it has wonderful muted color and order :).


You're kidding, right? The new linen board is soooo cute and sure to inspire you!


I can't imagine you NOT having an inspiration board. I used to love looking at yours in the office. Is there enough room to hang both the peg board and the linen board side by side?


The new board looks great, but while it's not pretty, I do like the hooks and holders of the old board. They look so handy.


how about both...side by side?
really, they are both so functional....
love your work! :)

renee anne

oh I hope you don't mind I love this image so much I had to include it in my post about "inspiration walls

I love the new one better. but that is just me!!



i love the warmth of the textiles on the new one but the other had its own cool too,

louise - fence sitter


While the pegboard is so useful, I think having something lovely and inspiring to look at is just as important. Generally, when I'm working, most of the tools I need would be in action and on the table next to my sewing machine so a pegboard wouldn't work so well. When not in use I store mine in different tin lunchboxs and pull them out as needed.


the peg board is useful, but the linen board is wonderful, so many inspiring pieces on display. I am tempted to make one for myself


Sometimes a girl just has to pick inspiration over practicality. I love for the bulletin board. It's darling. It's also really fun to see some of the little things that inspire you.

Jill Wignall

the new board is very inspiring. Such lovely prints of doilies. Are they screen printed? I made screen prints of doilies at college and now I treasure my last scrap of the paper. Also a really good idea to use foam board instead of cork. Thanks.

Ana Tenorio

i´m new in this blog, and spanish (my engish is not very well), and i love your work.
Both pegboards are beautifull and necesary.


Oh it is so hard to choose! If i have to, would be the new one! It is very inspiring!


I love your inspiration board, but I want to know who your dolly friend is. Actually, my doll, Lizzie, wants to know, but with mitten hands, it's hard to type. :)


I love the new inspiration board and would like to make one myself. How did you attach the linen to the foam board? Thanks!

Kelley Hart

Since I'm not a minimalist, and happen to believe more is better, I'd say hang them both! They are both so necessary! And attractive.

elizabeth woodford

The Inspiration board!! Hands down!!!!


After! After! It's so lovely.

Robin Cope

I think the new board is a win-win. So inspiring! Makes me want to start hand crafting.

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