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June 16, 2009


Pumpkin Petunia

Glorious in every way.

karen c

so beautiful! what an inspiration!


I found your blog through Once Wed, and was so happy to peek through the rest of your blog. You are so talented and I'm glad that I stumbled on here.
Beautiful wedding, with such life and creativity!!!


Oh how magical...
I love the shot of you riding away on your bikes...true romance!


those are amazing photos! I love you both rode bikes because I love bikes, what a dreamy environment for a wedding! just beautiful!

hope you are so happy as on the pics forever!



wow!!! the most beautiful wedding I have EVER seen!!!! congratulation and best wishes for a life filled with joy and happiness:)


Congratulations and admirations from an old college dorm friend of Ben's! I saw his link to the MS Weddings pictures via Facebook. I eventually figured out that I'd torn out the MSL page on your doll work as an inspirational "keeper" for my files a couple of months ago. I had no idea you were Ben's bride!


wow, your wedding looks sooo amazing and inspiring I love every detail of it!!!!

Cindy Is Crafty

What an awesome wedding and such a lovely location! I love the bike idea, too. So cool! Your dress is lovely, too. Did you make it?


It's so very beautiful and so refreshingly different. I love imaginative weddings with personal touches that reflect the couple. And the bikes....soooo great!

heather smith jones

I love all the details down to the buttons and butterflies that you chose and made. It's wonderful, well actually, way beyond wonderful! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!


I'm so inspired by these wedding pictures. You planned such a perfect day and I'm sure you'll cherish it forever.
My sister lives right across from prospect park and I didn't ever think it could house such a pretty wedding- you're so creative!
Congrats and can't wait to see more.


Beautiful wedding! Where did you get the tie from??


Absolutely beautiful!


What a gorgeous wedding! I'm getting married soon and you've provided some much needed inspiration. Where did you find those cupcake stands?!


Account Deleted

how did you keep it a secret?! Its so beautiful and just bright and happy, makes me want to have a second wedding.


laura, it's gorgeous. there are no words.


I think that this wedding is just like a storybook.... Love it all. Thanks for being patient and sharing it in such a complete way. I love Gwen Frostic....such beautiful prints....


congrats. your photos look gorgeous!


i am in love with how sweet and beautiful your wedding is! i would love to know where you got the beautiful fabric for the tables - i've been looking for some just like it. thanks again!


INSANELY in love with your boquet!



dani@little fists

Oh...if I were to ever have a wedding this would be my inspiration. Beautiful and romantic and cool and quirky.


laura, it's all so beautiful! how fun for you to re-live it again a year later through the magazine. best, laura


Amazing wedding!! love love love bouquet, , bicicles and country atmosphere!!

Eva Stewart

Very cute!

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