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June 02, 2009



I just got myself a cone of black silk/stainless steel yarn that I ordered from Purl online. It didn't occur to me that there might be a store like this. I'm so glad you posted these photos and info. I'd love to go to that store with pocketfuls of money ;-). I'm not too far away, near Philly. This'll be on my mental wish list now!
Have you seen the book 'elements of style' by rosemary hill? She has a section of the book with several projects using Habu yarns.
I love those tiny granny squares!


I'm smitten with your necklaces....


I love their yarn. Although I've only seen a small selection of it in person.


I am adding Habu textiles to my list of places to visit when I am in NY later in the year. I love your blog, by the way


I would love to see those beautiful necklaces in person --- and in your Etsy shop ---


Love your work and your working table. A beautiful assembling of different materials.

Good luck at Renegate!


Thanks for sharing your source. I just went to the store this afternoon and got some yarns. It is really a cool place. I would never have found it by myself. Thank you so much.I am planning to come to Renegade, so I am looking forward to check out all the good stuff.I will definitely check out your both. Have a good day! Great work. I love your necklaces. They are fabulous.

Margaret Oomen

Your necklaces are really fantastic. I love habu but I have never been to their shop. I will certainly visit next time i am in NYC. I am seriously thinking of applying for renegade next year.


I love them! I'm in Vancouver - I'd love that top blue one - will you sell online?


I love the necklaces - if you could do them with recycled fabrics I'd love to blog about them! :) Sara - editor, ecosalon.com

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