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April 24, 2009


crafty bird grrl

simply splendid! Have you thought about adding any bright colors - such as a large orange print with a gold leaf frame? That would tie everything together swell and you may already have a piece such as i have described!

Laura Normandin

I'm on to you, crafty bird grrl! That is my husband trying to get his artwork included in the display!


Beautiful! The pictures fit each other perfectly :)

Nina - Tabiboo

How lovely and such a great idea, just mix and match and change around when ever the mood takes you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

cindy : quaint

it all looks wonderful. i love room & board. i'm going to look into those shelves. i love your sofa, too.


I don't have any cat suggestions (we gave up) but it looks fantastic!


lokin` good <3


lookin* ;)


love all the muted colors. really peaceful.


Really like the Picture shelf Idea.

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