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February 27, 2009



hi laura! i never (NEVER!) comment on blogs but couldn't help myself on this one!! i LOVE it! i wish i could hire you to make one for olive (maybe one day)... how's life-after-martha? glad you're posting more; i've always had your typepad page bookmarked (love the nyc marathon post. totally inspiring city texture.) hope you're well! xo randi


Seriously the cutest thing that I've seen in a long time! I love it! I want one for my kitty... running to cincy this month! :)


This is one of the most wonderful, whimsical things I've seen in a while, beautiful too..................... And Maggie should be in Vogue with that posture and good breeding.................... The perfect model, she's exquisite.


this really brightened up my day! :))


i love your cat to death

OMG its like Beatrix Potter kitten came to life. That bed, the pillow, the expression on kittys face. precious

:) michele


too cute! Does she actually sleep in it?

Emme Stone

It's just lovely! Not ridiculous in the slightest!

TD wool design

the sweetest!
every kitty deserves one :)


a capital idea! it's ridiculous in the best way possible!


that is sooooo cute!


My goodness that kitty is so adorable and what a great idea for making a pet bed.


I love it!!!! She looks like a little princess. :)


I did that too, and yes, it was very messy. I didn't use a box and had to vacuum my kitchen counters:)

Here it is- http://tinyurl.com/ch9skc

Wow, it was almost three years ago, one of my first blog posts!

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