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August 28, 2008



Are you assembling your army of cats to deal with pests in your backyard?


that bottom photo is so perfect, a kitten's world is so full of that alert expression. She's a beauty.


so sweet!


AWWW! Congratulations, she's DARLING!

Kelley Hart Jenkins

She is sooo beautiful! All of my cats have been rescued/adopted. The ones that came to us as kittens have been the sweetest kitties ever! The older ones have come with issues-sadly. I'm sure she'll be the perfect new member of the family.


She's adorable. Now get to the pillow cases. ;)

The white & charcoal one -- who made it?


She's adorable. Now get to the pillow cases. ;)

The white & charcoal one -- who made it?


She needs a Jenny Linsky scarf!



She's beautiful. We recently lost our kitten Betty, a black kitten, sadly on the day her 6th month birthday. Maggie will bring you lots of joy I'm sure.


Shes adorable and what a great face - looking very alert in her new surroundings.


Jolie blog that I discovered today, and how adorable kitten ...


She's SO cute. I have 2 black cats both from shelters and love them dearly.

do you mind if i knit

Maggie................... what a lovely name..................... and she is just gorgeous!


She's beautiful!

Kitty stealer

I LOVE THAT KITTY!! so cute *steals* ^.^

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