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June 12, 2007



gorgeous! i'm covetous!


gorgeous! i'm covetous!

laura reyes

you are blowing my mind!

sian keegan

oh my, i love them! i'm so glad you started a blog...hope to see you at renegade!


These are stunning. I can honestly say I haven't seen anything like this before. I will definitely stop by Renegade now, and find your tent!


Beautiful! Where in the world can you buy Japan paint? Pearl? Thanks! Looking forward to your booth at Renegade.


your bottles are divine....
love the floating ordinariness of your subject matter... magic


stunning. everything you are making for this show is just thrilling!


They are fabulous !


truly beautiful!


this bottles are just so good, great,lovely,interesting and so on...

Abby Creek Art

I love these, Laura. Do you have them available for purchase yet?




These are absolutely perfect. (Especially the one with the granny square). Are they for sale? I would buy one in a second.

Laura Normandin

They will be for sale as part of the show at Tinlark Gallery in Los Angeles. The opening is July 14. I'll ask the gallery if people from out of town can purchase the work.

thanks for all of everyone's kind words.


These are just beautiful... so happy to have found your work and your blog!
see you, grache

Erica Lewy

These are great. Please tell me the paintings are on the outside of the bottles. (You're not a wizard right?)

Alicia A.

Um, wow. Very cool.


so creative! how did you ever think of this?


mmmm realy awesome mind blowing.....

תנורים תעשייתיים

Awesome.... It's really creative arts regarding bottle painting. It's pretty tough to paint on bottle though great job done by you well.

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